Our Superior Framing Service

We use the latest techniques, materials and tools to keep us on top. But what sets us apart is that touch of flair and creativity. Please browse through our Framing Showcase and study some of our framing projects.

Mount Boards : We use the best border mounts for original drawings and sketches with a large colours range.  Archival mounts contain no harmful pollutants and offer the optimum protection for artwork. We have a state of the art modern Gunnar CMC mount cutter for intricate and creative presentations. We can also hand colour inner mounts when something different is required.

Mouldings : Years of experience in the framing industry means we carefully choose the best mouldings available with high quality stylish finishes. Wood tones to suit current trends, high gloss silvers and gunmetal finishes, grained and smooth matt frames in vivid colours and striking bold aluminium made to order. We have mouldings in beautiful stained wood to create a natural feel and weathered appearance that works with a host of interiors. Too many to outline but all are here on display in our gallery. Also we utilise some of the better synthetic  mouldings in the industry. We represent Frinton Frames too. These are high end, exclusive, made to order, hand finished swept frames in a variety of tones and styles using authentic original 18th century box moulds which can be seen with this link : https://www.frintonframes.co.uk/

Glass : We supply the ever popular standard float glass and thicker oversized glass for big frames. There have been exciting advances in the Specialist Glass area.  As well as protection from UV damage there are a number of ranges of glass that have been treated to become almost invisible giving optimum colour rendition. Pop into our showroom and see this amazing product. No reflection or glare and optimum protection from harmful light rays that cause fading and discolouration over time. It's all about long term preservation and protection.  Museum glass is higher in cost than standard glass but it offers so much more:

·   Virtually eliminates reflections ·   Blocks up to 99% of UV rays ·  Optimal light transmission brighten colours

·   Enhanced surface for better durability and easy cleaning ·   No ripple or “orange peel” effect on glass surface

·   Proprietary coatings are engineered for permanence Long term conservation assurance.

Pricing : From the above you will see there’s a lot more involved in framing than first comes to mind. Cost will depend on materials chosen, amounts of mountboards and other substrates, glass, construction, finishing and labour. We have always been competitive and are happy to provide quotes for framing. It is however very difficult to do this over the phone. Simply call in with your items (we have a free customer car park) and let us see what you need without any obligation.

Choosing frames and finding the best solution: In our long experience when choosing the format for framing three things are important: proportion, presentation and professionalism. Let’s look at them…….


Measuring and calculating the final size of a piece of artwork is down to us. An incorrect proportion can make a piece of work look inadequate or oversized. Small mounts on large artwork can look mean, and oversized mounts with large frames can look out of balance. Frame widths are not usually the same width as a mount. Narrower frames look great with wide mounts and vice versa. Our job is to enhance and draw the eye to the artwork. If the framing is very obvious, it is usually because something is taking over. The best thing is to draw your eye towards the artwork without you noticing it. This is especially important for montages and a collection of items.


Colour choices play a huge part in how good a piece of artwork looks when framed. Neutral outer mounts are timeless and hang better against a variety of wall finishes. If you had a black and white picture with a red car in the image, it is better to use black or dark grey as the inner mount thus allowing the red car to be visually enhanced. Using a red inner mount can diminish the drama of the picture, but this is open to interpretation.

Double self-coloured mounts are classic and avoid the use of a colour for an inner mount which you may not need. Thicker mounts are very stylish and a V-groove adds a small but professional detail to the mount. The fashion and interior worlds are primarily responsible for the new designs and ideas coming through into the framing world so we need to be up there with the designers and choosing trend setting mouldings.


As professional framers knowledge is accumulated all the time and we learn correct and professional techniques and materials to be used on different types of artwork.  

We listen and ask what our customers want from their framing: does colour matter, where is it being placed, is it a gift, is it valuable, is conservation a priority?  

We are members of The Fine Art Guild and enjoy their Certified Framer status. We are participating in their Continuing Development Programme and strive to develop new techniques in order to produce fantastic frames

We believe that this will give you confidence knowing that we are handling your treasured items correctly.

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